You can order a dumpster rental by calling us directly at 844-715-0800 or placing an order online through our Dumpster Rentals Online pageHERE.

You will not need a permit if the dumpster will fit directly in your driveway or on your private property. On some occasions, a dumpster will not fit in the desired spot so it may need to be placed in the street or partially on a public walkway. In this case, you will need a permit which we can supply. You may also acquire a permit yourself by contacting your local code enforcement office.

Yes! You do not have to be a contractor or major construction company to order a dumpster. We deliver to individual homeowners, contractors, and businesses. Many of our individual homeowners rent dumpsters for their cleanouts, remodels, landscaping jobs, and more.

The prices we quote include all taxes, fuel surcharges, delivery, removal, and disposal. Our dumpsters include a maximum rental period which varies, typically between 7 days and 14 days. We always provide the option to extend your rental for a small daily rate. Many of our dumpsters include tonnage limits. You are welcome to use more than the tonnage limit for a minimal, per ton fee. For Example:

Quoted Price*Tonnage Limit*Final Weight of Materials*Tonnage Charge*Total Price*
$2991 ton.50 tons$0$299
$2991 ton1.50 tons$32.50$331.50

*For example purposes only. These rates do not necessarily reflect current rates.

Let your dumpster rental representative know that you will need a longer rental period than what is included. We would be glad to provide you with a custom rate on a case-by-case basis.

We absolutely do! Give us a call at 844-715-0800 or contact us online HERE and ask about our contractor discount!


You do not need to be on site for the delivery. Your driver will place the dumpster according to your placement instructions taken at the time of your order. Please ensure that your driver has sufficient room to place the dumpster and has full access to the placement area. Notify your representative If there are any gate codes or special instructions for the driver to access the site.

We can provide you with a rough estimate of your delivery time – typically a time window of a few hours. Keep in mind that this is an estimated arrival time. Because of the many variables involved in delivering a dumpster that are out of our control (i.e. traffic, site delays, landfill wait times, etc.), we cannot completely guarantee that it will arrive at an exact, given time. Please discuss any time restraints that you may have with your dumpster rental representative.

It is rare for a dumpster to damage a driveway. In many instances, if a driveway cracks it is due to the weight of the materials in the dumpster (i.e. placing concrete in a dumpster will increase the risk of damage when compared to a dumpster being filled with general household materials).

Driveway or pavement damage can be avoided by placing plywood (2×4) over the surface where the dumpster will be placed. The driver can then place the dumpster on the plywood provided. We do not provide plywood.

Not placing extremely heavy materials in the dumpster or providing plywood for the dumpster to sit on are not foolproof ways to prevent damage. These are simply precautionary measures. Though it is rare, there is always a chance for surfaces to be damaged. Waste management companies do not provide any reassurances and are not liable for damage that may occur.

Placing the dumpster in a different area or placing it in the street are a few solutions that are available.

Please review our Roll Off Dumpsters page for the dimensions of our dumpsters. Remember that even though the dumpster may fit in your desired placement area based on the dimensions, the driver needs sufficient room to maneuver. The driver will need approximately 10-11 ft in width, 20-25 ft in height, and about 55-60 ft in total area length to successfully deliver your dumpster.

Roll off dumpsters are delivered by backing into the placement area, hoisting it at an angle, and smoothly rolled off of the truck bed. Please also keep in mind that if the dumpster is being delivered to a residential home no cars should be parked on the street ACROSS of the home as well to allow for the driver to turn and maneuver.


The weight of materials that you are disposing of will vary. Please visit our Material Weights page to get an approximate weight of common items.

All of our dumpsters are equipped with a swinging door on the back that can be fully opened. This allows heavy or bulky items to be walked or wheeled directly into the dumpster, eliminating the need to throw items over the top of the dumpster. These doors not only provide convenience but also allow for quick, easy, and safe loading.

Common items that are prohibited from being placed into the dumpster include paint, appliances with Freon, tires, and hazardous materials. Use the acronym PATH as an easy way to remember these common prohibited items.

P – paint

A – appliances with Freon

T – tires

H – hazardous materials

Visit our Materials page HERE for a more comprehensive list of acceptable and unacceptable materials. Always ask your representative for advice if you have any materials you are disposing of that are not listed.

The materials you are disposing of must be below the rim of the dumpster – no items should be sticking out above the top of the dumpster. Any materials that are above the top of the dumpster must either be removed or rearranged so that everything is below the rim.

The drivers utilize an automated tarp that covers the top of the dumpster in order to transport it safely. Any items that are protruding over the top prevent the tarp from being used which will prevent the dumpster from being removed or switched out.


You do not need to be on site for the removal. Your driver will arrive on the removal date taken at the time of your order. If you do not have a predetermined removal date, contact us when you are ready for your dumpster to be removed. As with the delivery, ensure that your driver has sufficient room and has full access to the area. Notify your representative If there are any gate codes or special instructions for the driver to access the site.

Please notify us at least 24 business hours before your dumpster removal if you need to make any changes. This allows us to remove it from the schedule in time. There are instances where a removal may need to be cancelled on the same day. If this is the case, let us know as soon as possible so that we may attempt to cancel the removal with the driver. Any same-day requests may not be guaranteed because we may not reach the driver before the removal is completed.

Please ensure that the driver has access to the dumpster and that there are no obstructions. The materials must be level with the rim of the dumpster. Also, it is important to make sure that the door on the dumpster is securely locked into place.

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